Who are we?

Bubblz is a French software company specialized in process management.

Founded in 2013 by Sébastien Bencherqui (CEO), Antoine Bianconi (CTO), and Arthur Froger (Designer), the start-up is pioneer in the field of business process digitalization.

Bubblz provides to its clients an intuitive SaaS platform, allowing them to easily monitor, secure and analyze their workflow in order to gain in both performance and productivity.

The team

Passionate people, customer centric and innovative, we truly believe that process management is key when it comes to efficiency.

Sébastien Bencherqui
Co-founder / CEO

Antoine Bianconi
Co-founder / CTO

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Arthur Froger
Co-founder / Designer

Alan Le Gall

Thomas Gerbier
Head of Business Development

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Lucie Casamitjana

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Anis Zane

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Our Role

Restore your peace of mind.

Here at Bubblz, we believe that well-managed projects means contented employees, so our objective is simple: help our clients optimise their day-to-day processes so that they are free to focus on what really matters: their high-value operations.

Forget handling your recurring processes using invasive post-it notes, out-of-date spreadsheets, incessant emails and overly complex software. Bubblz allows you to enhance and supervise your activity management, prioritize your actions, ensure tasks are performed and analyze your daily workflow, so you stay stress-free!

We can help you make your day-today tasks less stressful.

Our values


As a young innovative company, Bubblz does its utmost to provide its clients with a platform that combines an efficient user experience with ground-breaking technology.


Stakeholder satisfaction is at the core of Bubblz’ strategy. Each project is the result of shared commitment: you have the business expertise, we have the technology.


Bubblz’ adventure began thanks to the boldness and vision of 3 young entrepreneurs who, with their motivation and conviction, have helped influence the digital economy and their business field.


The Bubblz platform allies technological and operational excellence in order to provide our clients with the best user experience possible.

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