Bubblz platform

Improve process execution, supervision and reporting

Control your process execution

Map your process

Map every step of your process within the platform in few clicks

Custom forms and fields

Every step has its own form, to enter and centralize data

Scenarios and conditional logic

Every from can represent a conditional logic such as “accept or refuse”, “choice A or choice B”…

Automatic email sending

Automatic or template based email management is natively integrated

Data and files centralization

Bubblz has a powerful file management system to store, preview and share them.

External exchange simplification

Your external stakeholders can exchange with you through public pages

Supervise your process execution

Traceability of all process actions

Every action or data entered manually or automatically is consigned within project history

Deadlines management

Deadlines are easily visible and, when overdue, relevant stakeholders are notified

Collaborative task lists

Task lists can be attached to projects, either manually or automatically

Color tags

To insure strong visual management, tags can color projects

Kanban, Table or Agenda view

You can change process view for an optimal steering

Granular access policy

Secure every data and projects by making them visible or editable by relevant users

Report easily and get data
from your process execution

Automatically generated Excel files

In one click, save in your desktop an Excel report containing every data from your process

Dynamic table view

Switch to dynamic table view to process data straight from your Bubblz interface