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Bubblz helps improve the efficiency of your teams
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Set-up your own business tool using our no code platform.
Reduce time-consuming tasks
Automate your recurring and time-consuming tasks such as sending e-mails, Excel data entry online, content delivery, etc.
Keep an overview
Access your different business processes, centralize your data, view the status of your projects in an instant and ensure their smooth progression.
Make information-sharing easier
Clients? Partners? Suppliers? Use Bubblz' public forms to interact with stakeholders outside your company. It's also easy to add these forms to your own website.
Work as a team
Bubblz provides all team members a customized dashboard. You can work as a team, set up deadlines, comment on actions and assign tasks to your project contributors.
Publish visual and personalized reports
Analyze your process activity by filtering and exporting all your project data.
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They have optimized their business processes using Bubblz

Our customizable solution can be adapted to suit all business needs
“Bubblz enabled us to overcome our lack of tools when it came to managing programme applicants. Thanks to how easy it was to configure, we were able to quickly deploy a tool corresponding to our working methods.”

Head of Investments and Acceleration

“Bubblz allowed us to describe a complex process into simple and scalable workflow.”

Appi Senior Coordinator
GRDF South West networks

“In addition to being a solution that accompanies start-ups in their growth, Bubblz brings great peace of mind. It has become our daily management tool. More reassuring and reliable than managing projects on Excel, Bubblz is a trouble-free solution for managing activity that also provides a clear and reliable view of the progress being made on current projects.”


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Free trial

All of Bubblz’s features for 15 days

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